How to Put Adsense Ads Indonesian

Currently there is still much confused how to install adsense on blogs Indonesia and a few odds that put adsense ads on a blog in Indonesian language that violates the ToS (Terms of Service) google adsense. But in fact many are put adsense ads on blogs Indonesia, including the blog you are reading this. hehehe ...

Well, to put those ads, you must have an account before GA (Google Adsense) that have been active / received, if it does not have a GA account and ill never approved, you can hire the services of people who are experienced in terms aprove GA account, a lot really such services are offered on the internet, one of them in the forum adsense-id, this 

could be an alternative if you want a quick process. typically process more than 2 X 24 hours sdh completed. and the pay was low, only about $ 8 just for one account. if not believe, please click here for full info!

Once you have a GA account, it's time you make money from your blog in Indonesian language by following the steps as follows:

1. Login to your GA account.

2. Click here to get started. Then click "add gadget member

GA5 300x166 Cara Pasang Adsense di Blog Indonesia 
3. Enter the name of your site or blog and its url links, and for language, set into the Indonesian language.
GA4 300x155 Cara Pasang Adsense di Blog Indonesia 
Association Click on point 1.
GA6 300x189 Cara Pasang Adsense di Blog Indonesia 
. Determine the size of the ad that you will put on your blog later.
GA2 300x181 Cara Pasang Adsense di Blog Indonesia 
Please Copy the HTML code and insert ads into your blog.

GA3 300x182 Cara Pasang Adsense di Blog Indonesia 

7. Done. Premium Wordpress Themes Share